We encourage young people to travel the world with the mission of extensive exploration. We move into the un-comfort-zone to find the wonders of the world, learn who we are and to encounter cultures that are a hotspot for learning. We travel with a purpose.


Together with young people we co-create a gap year plan based on person needs, transforming dreams into reality. We approach the upcoming year with a personal mission of discovery and joy, including travel plans. We want you to make this the best year of your life, yet.


To bring travel, learning and development to young people we facilitate workshops involving flow, personal growth and social entrepreneurship. At secondary schools, high schools and universities we share stories, learn by doing and share entrepreneurial tools.

“It is our mission to bring the travelers state of mind into the daily lives of young people, to provide them with an optimal environment for learning and to challenge, motivate and enable them to take ownership over their own future and life choices.”